As a textile designer, research remains at the core of my work. My design process involves careful investigation into fabrics, colours and mark making. Creatively I enjoy using unexpected material combinations with a fashion context.

The motoring industry has inspired my design through graphic imagery, technical drawing and striking colour.

After my degree I invested in de-gassing equipment to continue my own jewellery using handmade silicone moulds alongside my textile design role. I also create handmade stationary as a side hobby, I have designed my own Paper chains, temporary tattoos and envelopes.

My skills include high proficiency in Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign. Experience with Basic CAD for Laser Cutting. Fluent in Microsoft Office including Word, PowerPoint and Excel. Experience with several versions of both Microsoft Windows and Mac OSX having spent years designing at home on PCs and then having to pick up and work with Macs at University and for MCD Textiles/Haizhen Wang/Tom Ford. I feel I have a generally high aptitude to all software I use, being a digital artist and as a result am also a fast, self-motivated and logical learner of new software when required.

I have worked with designers from the conception of ideas through to the ordering of small and large fabric quantities. I have also designed prints taking direction from fashion designers to produce tailor made placements or repeats. I have also gained a broad knowledge of laser cutting, silicone moulding, hand crafted jewellery and Resin casting over the course of my degree. I am a fast learner and I can pick up techniques quickly with precision and ease.